Do You Struggle To Get Great Drum Sounds?


Have you ever been in the middle of your recording session and thought... 

"Hmm... I wonder what these drums would sound like if we tried something different. It might be cool to mic up the drums differently."

But there just isn't time! You are on the clock and the client is waiting.

So you go with the usual setup. Maybe next time you say...

Have you excitedly pulled up drum sounds for a tracking session and discovered that the drummer's kit just doesn't sound right?

Something about them is not exciting enough, or they just sound flabby or out of tune.

But no one on your session really knows how to tune the kit properly. So you just run with it and hope you can fix it in the mix...

Or maybe you start to mix the drums and discover that the phase is all over the place, and your drums just don't seem to sound clear and punchy?

So you just start mixing and hope for the best...

Do you spend hours and hours mixing your song?


You put tons of effort into the eq and the fx, getting the vocal to sound interesting and the guitars to sound wild,  and you even get the mix to sound REALLY REALLY LOUD!

But in the end your drums just sound wimpy and have no life to them...

They completely lack any punch and don't sound anything like a real record. :-(

In fact, they totally suck!!


The band walks into the listen and everyone is just, well, kind of quiet. Nobody has anything good to say. So they just politely don't say anything at all.

That doesn't feel very good, does it?

But what if? What if...

What if you knew how to get fantastic-sounding drums on your recording session?

Imagine how you would feel if your client walked into the control room and said...

"Wow! The drums sound awesome. You made me sound like a Rockstar! What did you do?"

And you answered, "Oh just did a few cool tricks I learned..." :-)


 Rockstars Of Drums


So... what is Rockstars of Drums all about?

"Hey Lij, Loving the course!  I made my best drum recording ever after only watching a couple of hours.  So many great tips throughout." - Kenny Long 


Endorsed by Top Professionals:

Now you can come hang with us in the studio for a complete course dedicated to recording and mixing drums like a pro!

Imagine having a chance to learn these great drum recording and mixing techniques without the pressure of a client breathing over your shoulder, or an impatient drummer.

Learn how to record drums like a pro! We spent a full day recording, editing, and mixing a pro drum kit with professional Nashville studio session drummer, Mike Radovsky.

“Your Drum Recording Course is Awesome!” L Baba Prasad

We captured over 7 hours of drum recording vide

clinic to show you many different ways to mic up a drum kit from 14 mics right down to a single mic. We also show you the classic Glyn Johns, Recorderman, and Dap Kings techniques for minimal drum miking. 

“Your explanation of the Glyn Johns technique is better than the one I was taught at school” - John Harlan

I show you how to edit the drums, and demonstrate the power of adjusting the timing of a drum performance using Beat Detective. 

I show you how to mix the drums by choosing the best plugins, and dialing in your EQ, compression, and reverb to create a punchy and powerful drum mix that will make your mix compete with your favorite records!

Pro Drum Session In A Grammy Awarded Recording Studio

Originally we hosted a drum recording, and mixing clinic live at The Toy Box Studio in East Nashville TN. This was a day-long class that covered everything you need to know to record and mix professional drums in your studio. Whether you are just starting out in a home studio, or already have experience and are looking to up your game in a bigger studio, we covered a lot of information that you need to know to be ready for anything.

I have taken all that video and edited, remixed, and remastered the whole thing down into a complete course that you can enjoy right from your own home or studio! I've added a ton of value by condensing the entire course into easy-to-follow chapters that you can learn from at your own pace.


"Wow, thanks Lij!  I really appreciate your efforts!" Bill

Just some of the things you will learn during the ROCKSTARS OF DRUMS clinic:
  • Setup - How to set up a professional kit and position the drums for best recording results.
  • Tuning - How to tune your drums for the best possible sound.
  • Headphones -Mike will talk about getting the best headphone setup for drum recording with or without a click track.
  • Drum Grooves - Mike will show us some drum grooves for each miking technique and how to capture them.
  • Multiple Mics - Professional drum miking technique with up to 14 mics.
  • Minimal Mics - Glyn Johns miking technique with 3-4 mics.
  • Recorderman and Lijman - Miking technique with 2-4 mics.
  • Rolling Stones and Beatles - miking technique with 2-3 mics. The "Tea Towels" Ringo Kit.
  • Dap Kings - Soul groove miking technique with a single mic!
  • Editing & Mixing Drums - Arranging, routing, and set up for mixing drums in your DAW.
  • Intro To Beat Detective - A look at tightening up the timing on drums for those times when you need it.
  • You also get the COMPLETE MULTI TRACKS of the drum recording with a timestamped PDF so you can follow along with the video to compare each drum technique in your own studio!

Come back to watch these videos anytime while you learn and practice, Watch the full course on your own schedule from anywhere in the world. No need to make it to Nashville and a pro studio, because...

We were able to bring the studio to you!

"Thank you very much, and thank you again for the great content that you create!" - Eric Tilson

So what makes the ROCKSTARS OF DRUMS course awesome?

We recorded the whole day-long clinic from the studio! You will be able to see and hear everything we recorded and mixed.


Yup... You will be able to see Lij, Mike, the studio, the drums, and my Pro Tools screen while listening to 44.1kHz 320mbps studio-quality stereo audio! 

Watch from the comfort of your own home, studio, laptop, or iOS & Android device.

We spent weeks geeking out over at the studio, figuring out the best way to bring you an awesome video experience from directly inside the studio.

And we used a multi cam, and multi audio setup that will make you feel like you are there hanging out with us all day!

  • See what we are seeing in the studio.
  • Hear what we hear in the studio.
  • Feel like you are there hanging out with us, and learn a ton!
  • Add your comments and questions inside the course in the discussion area.

If you tried to make all this happen yourself: 

  • Hire a Pro Nashville session studio drummer.
  • Find a Chart breaking producer/ engineer and team to teach you all the tricks.
  • Book a Grammy-awarded recording studio with killer drums, awesome microphones, and a vintage console for a full day.
  • Plus deal with a weekend of travel, hotels, and dining ...

It could easily cost you $$$ THOUSANDS $$$ !

But now you can get ROCKSTARS OF DRUMS the Complete Course for 


ONLY $197


(This is the complete course with video and hi-res audio, fully synced, edited, and remixed. This is a major upgrade from the live webinar experience! And you get the whole thing to watch on your own schedule)

Still not sure if this is right for you? Listen to what the Rockstars have to say:

"Lij shares his techniques in a very accessible way which makes it simple to apply in the home studio environment. Definitely one of the best Drum recording & mixing courses out there.” Chris Selim - Mixdown Online

"I have to say you have done an awesome job at this! It is a lot of fun watching and I feel that there is much high-quality content and I'm learning a lot. And I have had a chance to implement "the Lijman mic technique" in a recording with my band last weekend, it was a lot of fun! Anyway...I just wanted to say hi and thank you for putting all this material together" - Simon Mårtensson

"This was a great webinar! Thanks so much for doing this and also for editing and making this available after the fact. SO well worth the small price you were charging. If I lived closer, I'd have driven in for it. Cheers" - Mike Koontz

"Thanks for all the work you guys put into this! It was a blast! I loved how you guys hosted the webinar, and learned a ton of stuff, and felt reassured that I actually know what I m doing also :) Rockstars of Electric guitar recording next?! Best wishes from good ol Germany!" - Carl Albrecht


Some of the modules in Rockstars Of Drums:



  • Complete multi-tracks of the drum recording.
  • Timestamped PDF so you can follow along with the video to compare each drum technique in your own studio!
  • Session notes with various mic choices.
  • Bonus videos including Glyn Johns himself demonstrating his miking technique.
  • FREE - Drum Tuning Mini-Course with Steve Berkley ($47 value)


Go ahead and get started recording, editing, and mixing pro drums in your studio.

And get ready to rock!!

ONLY $197