What if you could finally deliver pro mixes in your home studio that stand up to any of your favorite records on Spotify, iTunes, or Youtube? 


Discover the proven step-by-step mix system from a Grammy-winning engineer for consistently creating a pro-quality mix from your home studio that will sound amazing everywhere!

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Tell me...


  • Do you feel like the time you have spent watching Youtube videos, trying out mix tricks, and tweaking version after version or your mixes has gotten you nowhere?   


  • Are you tired of mixing for hours and hours until your ears are exhausted only to end up with a mix that sounds boring and lifeless, muddy and mushy, or harsh and unlistenable?  


  • Have you had enough of mixes that seem ok in the studio but sound boomy or have no bass in the car with vocals that sound like an amateur demo at best?


  • Don't you wish there was a simple & straightforward step-by-step process for creating a pro mix that won't take years to learn? 


  • What if you could have a Grammy-winning mix engineer who understood all your mixing struggles and could coach you through them?


If you struggle with any of these questions then I've got something cool for you!




Step By Step Pro Mixing System From a Grammy-Winning Engineer

Reverse-engineered into easy-to-understand steps that you can use to consistently create professional mixes in your home studio using straightforward plugins and the same Grammy-winning techniques that helped Craig Alvin win Album of The Year!


David Palmer

"Hey, man-I just wanted to personally thank you for hosting that session with Craig. That was absolutely the most informative and helpful block of information/mentoring on the mix process I have ever been a part of. That was like sitting behind a mix engineer for years watching and picking up tips along the way condensed into a 6-7 hour session! Thanks to Craig for sharing! Bravo!"

Inside the Ultimate Mixing Masterclass you will find over 26 videos explaining the entire mixing system so you can get professional mix results in your own studio.


Here are the course modules:

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Part 1 - Vocal Comping

  • Create the perfect vocal performance (hint- The pros don't really sing perfectly!). Create consistent vocal levels in your mix so the voice is always up close and never buried in the track.

Part 2 - Vocal Tuning

  • Discover the best way to tune vocals (using Melodyne) so that you can work quickly and avoid the dreaded "robot tuning" sound for realistic professional vocals.

Part 3 - Vocal Mix Prep

  • Keep your vocal tracks organized and import your tuned vocals into your mix session. This is the secret that the pros use to Fine-tune vocals levels and phrasing so that all your eq, compression, and processing sounds consistent and perfect.

3 STEPS TO A PRO VOCAL MIX is available now inside the Ultimate Mixing Masterclass.

You don't need a million dollar studio!

My name is Lij Shaw, host of the Recording Studio Rockstars podcast bringing you into the studio to learn from recording professionals so that you can make your best record ever and be a "rockstar" of the studio yourself.

I have interviewed hundreds of top producers. mixers, and studio engineers on my podcast.

In my own studio I used to work for days on a mix to try and get it to sound like my favorite records rather than just another amateur demo. And I used to believe that only the "golden ear" mixers with their million dollar studios could get million dollar results.

Then I interviewed Grammy-winning mixer Craig Alvin (Kacey Musgraves - The Golden Hour - Album of The Year) and...

Craig revealed his complete mixing method to me in precise detail using the very same plugins available to all of us... He blew my mind!

Craig Alvin is a fantastic engineer and super humble guy who has been consistently creating top-level mixes in a home studio, yet he was willing to share all these mixing secrets with us. This was a golden opportunity, and I knew what I had to do...

I would have to learn this system myself, document it, and share this knowledge with you.

So I teamed up with Craig to bring you his step-by-step professional mixing system that consistently creates A-list quality mixes for major record labels like MCA Nashville, Interscope, and Capitol Records and Grammy-winning artists like Kacey Musgraves, Hanson, and Little Big Town. 

Grant Walden

"That was awesome! Thanks for pulling that together. I hope you do more of these."

Flossie Ferguson

"Thank you so much, great course! Thanks for giving such good value with sticking around and answering everyone's questions with such depth and clarity."

David Torretta

"Thanks! Very informative. I'm an old guy that's been mostly working out of my own studio lately, so it's great to learn how other folks approach this ever-evolving world. You guys were great!"

Ready To Make Your Mixes Sound Grammy-worthy?


In the Ultimate Mixing Masterclass Craig reveals a detailed breakdown of his complete step-by-step mixing system and answers the most important questions about how to create a pro mix in your home studio.


  • Watch a Grammy-winning engineer breakdown a full band mix and share mind-blowing mixing tips.
  • Become a master of your DAW and plugins using elite techniques that will transform your mixes. 
  • Create deep powerful drums and bass. Lose the muddy middle. Add width and depth to guitars and synths, and say hello to vocals that have that "in your face" sound.
  • Craig has accumulated decades of mixing knowledge from experience with top clients and from working alongside legendary mixers like Joe Chiccarelli, Vance Powell, and F Reid Shippen, and many others. 
  • Discover the top pro mixing tips, tricks, and strategies condensed into a simple mixing method that you can use to get consistent, professional results in your own studio.


What you will learn in the Ultimate Mixing Masterclass:

  • How to use Craig's professional step-by-step mix system in your studio with blueprints for your DAW and plugin settings. 

  • How to create your own mix template for drums, bass, guitars, keys, vocals, and set up the most effective gain structure.

  • Discover solutions for many of the most important mixing questions.

  • Listen to the high-quality audio as you learn in your own home studio so you can hear the results on monitors that you are familiar with.

  • Craig teaches using Pro Tools, but this system will work in any DAW you use.

  • Discover the pro secrets for making sure your mixes are powerful, punchy, and clear no matter what style of music you are mixing. 

  • You won't believe how much better your mixes will sound when you use this step-by-step pro mixing method!



Craig Alvin is an award-winning audio engineer based in Nashville, TN. Alvin’s years of experience as a recording and mix engineer spans across many styles and genres. Alvin’s recording credits include Hanson, Little Big Town, Amy Grant, Vanessa Carlton, Will Hoge, Andrew Belle, Brittany Howard, and a Grammy for his mix work on Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour album in 2019. Alvin's extensive work has earned him a stellar reputation in Nashville, Muscle Shoals and beyond for his unfailing ability to capture compelling sounds live in-studio and his sonic aptitude as a mix engineer. 

Mark Rufino

"You are both great teachers, thanks for being so clear, this was an ENORMOUS value. #1 takeaway- don't fix something that doesn't need to be fixed"

Steven Klein

"Amazing Masterclass with Craig Alvin today! My biggest takeaway was the concept of adding a subtle combination of distortion and compression to achieve a buttery cohesion in the sound. But there is so much more. Thanks, Lij for putting this together. I will spend the next month unpacking all this information and applying it to my workflow. "

Jones Nelson

"I will most definitely be changing the way that I mix vocals. Thank you guys sooo much!"

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If you can’t honestly say that the Ultimate Mixing Masterclass with Craig Alvin has helped you improve your mixes after watching it and implementing what you've learned then I offer a 30-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.

Go ahead and sign up now and watch the videos. Then take these techniques and try them out in your studio on a few mixes. If your mixes don't sound better afterward then this wasn’t the right course for you and we don’t deserve your money. 

Just send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I will send you a full refund. No questions and no hard feelings. 


Lij Shaw

Ultimate Mixing Masterclass


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  • Step-By-Step Video Course - Discover the system for professional mixes in your home studio.

  •  Mix Session Guide & Multitrack Downloads - Recreate an actual professional mix in your studio.

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  • Free Bonus - 3 Steps To A Pro Vocal Mix mini-course. Mix vocals like a pro!